Family Sign

Mantle Detail

Custom bed - detail

Carved Border for Walnut Table

Cow Skull from Elm and Mesquite
Chaz Chapot - Wood Carver
Eagle Head Detail

Woodcarving and wood carvers have been with us since the dawn of time. These artists/craftsman and their modern descendants bring joy and utility to everyday items.

These wood carver/artists brought us work both beautifully rustic and utilitarian to delicately crafted ornate embellishments with careful attention to detail even in the most primitive, all this mystifies us still. In that timeless tradition comes Chaz Chapot.

His skill as a wood carver is unparalleled in quality and his dedication to old world craftsman style traditions.

Please take time to visit and see a small sampling of Mr. Chapot's work in the on line portfolio .

Mr. Chapot is available for all manner of custom wordcarving, from custom wood signs, hardcarved wood doors to custom wood sculptures..

Please feel free to contact us about what you would like made and for an estimated time line for your custom order.